Our vinyl plotter/cutter can provide:
• Lettering and Numbering.
• Stickers.
• Outdoor Decals.
• Car Lettering and Stickering.

Large Format printing include, but are not limited to:
• Indoor/Outdoor Banners
• Posters
• Canvas Prints
• Display Components

Our services include, but are not limited to:
• Laminating
• Shrink-wrapping
• Hand Assembly
• Display Packing
• Hand Gluing
• Boxing and Bagging
• Sleeve Sealing.
• Display Packing
• Worldwide Drop-Shipping

Our in-house printing capabilities include:
• Full color prototypes
• Banners on vinyl and/or canvas
• Trade show quick screens
• Small quantity packaging runs
• Decals

Our pre-press and production services include, but are not limited to:
• Pre-flight/pre-press work
• Color bleed control
• Color correction

Award winning design team specializing in:
• Branding
• Identity
• Point of Sale
• Shopper Marketing
• Category Management
• Packaging

• Out-of-Home Advertising

• Event Marketing

• Environmental

• Fleet Marketing

We produce all types of permanent and temporary displays including:
• Motion
• Lighted
• Dissolve
• Counter Units
• End Aisle
• Pallet Displays

In-House Embroidery
We specialize in shirts, jackets, aprons, hats, just
about anything. We offer top quality apparel from all the high end brands, including the Tiger Woods Collection, Nike, Ping, Cutter-Buck, Port Authority, Gildan , Hanes, Jerzees and Outer Banks.

Our focus is quality, not quantity. Every item Baer stitches receives quality assurance checks while being processed. Every detail is double checked and all of our finished products have top quality, crisp, clean embroidery.

In-House Digital Garment Printing
We can deliver great print quality and still remain cost-effective for short-run apparel graphics applications.

The GT-541 is faster and less expensive to operate than traditional screen printing machines because there is minimal set-up, tear-down, clean-up, screens, squeegees, or pallet adhesive. The GT-541 water based ink can be cured by a standard heat press, eliminating the need to purchase a conveyor dryer, and significantly reducing operating space requirements.


Banner STANDs and  Portable Media Solutions

ExpandTM Media Products

We are an authorized dealer for Expand Media Products. http://www.expandmedia.com/us

Expand’s portable media solutions are the perfect tools for marketing your products and services wherever your clients are. Use your creativity and imagination to bring your message to existing and potential customers.

In-House Large Format Printing

The latest in large format printers, the Roland Sol-Jet XR-640 allows us to create short run signage and photo-realistic applications. Boasting a large format at 64 inches, new print engine, dual inline heads, new Eco-Sol MAX 2 ink with CMYKLcLm + Light Black, Metallic Silver and greater opacity White, print and contour cut, fast, durable.

Our laminator can laminate almost any type of printing material including chipboard, vinyl, and all types of paper. We can also supply Expand Display Products to complete your promotion banner set-up for any event, big or small.

Vinyl Services and In-House Cutting Plotter
Our newest cutting plotter allows to print and cut even the most complicated designs. The next step in the evolution of high-quality cutting plotters: the 60-inch Mimaki CG-160FX. It's capable of hitting even the most complicated contour cuts with the kind of speed and precision you need. Older cutters simply can't compare, best of all, it's automatic. The breakthrough technology of the photo-electric eye sensor allows for precise continuous contour cutting of your entire roll of media, giving you the ability to load them up — and walk away.


Packaging and Fulfillment

From single SKU packs to complex multi-products kits, Baer has the experience to handle all your packaging and fulfillment needs.

Fulfillment and Shipping
From single SKU packs to complex multi-product kits, Baer has the experience to handle your packaging needs. With over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, we are able to receive and inventory your product to package and ship using any method needed.

Gift Packing
Baer creates custom gift pack designs for any type of product. We can custom pack any product with tie-in products or promotion materials. Gift packs can then be boxed, shrink-wrapped, packed, and shipped worldwide.



Graphics/Printing Pre-Press Support

Our expertise with printing and pre-press work make us stronger and faster. We use the latest software packages such as Adobe Creative Suite to give your business a cutting edge advantage on your graphics work.

In-House Printing
We deliver high tech print quality on all types of media up to 64 inches wide. By purchasing the latest technology, we are able to print anything from full-scale mockups to small-number production runs.

Printed Collateral
Our long-standing relationships with multiple printing houses allow us to negotiate the most competitive prices for our clients. It further enables us to choose the right printer with the right equipment to successfully print your materials in a timely manner. Anything from Carton Riders and Sales Brochures to Iron-man display posters.


With over 50 years of point of purchase structural design experience, Baer has created all types of P.O.P.
displays. Our state-of-the-art CAD table allows to create multiple samples and designs to perfect your
project’s final concept. The design team can provide 3D renderings and full color/scale mock-ups for
presentation purposes.

Wood and Wire Display Racks
Baer creates all types of wire displays to hold any type of product. Racks are made in all different styles and heights to hold any amount of product. We can design and create custom wood displays that can be stained or painted in a wide variety of colors. We can add custom routed details and printed headers to suit your branding needs.

P.O.P. Displays
Our design team uses its 50 years of experience to merge your marketing concepts with structural design. Baer is renowned for its award-winning ability to produce high impact displays with on time delivery. We are able to
assemble, pack, and drop ship displays from our warehouse to locations worldwide.



We have partnered with an award winning design team with over 40 years combined experience in Branding and Identity, Point of Sale, Shopper Marketing, Category Management, Packaging, Out-of-Home, Event Marketing, Environmental, and Fleet Marketing design. We collaborate with our clients, vendors, and consultants; developing and customizing your marketing strategy to help you build iconic and memorable brands.

Baer offers full service start to finish design services, from brainstorming to completion on any job. With the design team we can provide 3D renderings and merge your marketing concepts with structural design. Baer is renowned for its award-winning ability to produce high impact displays with on time delivery. We have 3D modelers on staff to bring your structure ideas to life and really sell it to your sales force and buyers.

After our initial breifing and discussion of your design needs, a proposal is generated along with a design concept plan. With your adjustment and/or approval we will set a timeline for everyone to abide by, this saves us valuable time and you, money.  

Our standard rate includes all phases of development and project management. Anything above & beyond the “normal job scope” will need to be discussed prior to signing our proposal and/or starting any work. No one likes rush jobs, we handle them quickly and at a rate of 1.5x our standard.